Best Trekking GPS In 2018: Keep Record Of All The Tracks While Hiking

Here is the good news for backpackers, alpinists. Don’t worry about getting lost in the woods or getting attack by bigfoots. Global Position System (GPS) is one of the advanced innovation. From Drones to a Dog Collar, GPS Trackers help to keep track of the location of the entity. GPS Tracker Devices are also available for trekkers or hikers. This device with a superior reception in a remote place can track your location.

Essential features of GPS Device for Trekking

Are you buying GPS device for your upcoming trek trip? Well, here some of the features that your GPS device should have. Check the features before purchasing the equipment.

  • Superior Satellite Reception.
  • Electronic Compass.
  • Preloaded Map.
  • Wireless DataTransfer.
  • Micro SD Card.
  • Geocaching.
  • Share Data Ability.
  • Third Party Maps and Software.
  • A Digital Camera Similar to a Basic Phone.
  • Long Life Battery.
  • Display Position Feature.
  • Display Trip Data.

About Garmin

Garmin is a multinational technology company in the USA. From the year 1989, this company is famous for delivering innovative GPS technology for the Marine, Aviation, Tracking, and Outdoor Recreation.

Best Trekking GPS

Best Trekking GPS  Of 2018

Here is the list of newly launched Trekking devices, which you can check out.

  • Garmin Oregon 650t – Garmin Oregon 650t comes with 2xAAbatteries. It also has a touchscreen. The battery storage is 4GB. The battery is rechargeable. You can transfer maps from the computer to the device through USB wire. It has a 3-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display with dual orientation. Garmin also provides you  Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100K maps with shaded relief basemap. It also has 8-megapixel autofocus. It also provides digital zoom camera with flash/torch. Flash /Torch is useful in navigating the dark. Some extra features of the device are  3-axis compass with accelerometer and barometric altimeter sensors.
  • Garmin Montana 680 – Garmin Montana 680 comes with 3xAA battery which is rechargeable. It has a touch screen which durable and easy to use. The 4GB memory of the device is quite reliable for the trekkers. The 8Mp  camera can give competition to Nikon 360.
  • Garmin In Reach Explorer – The exclusive feature of this device is its lithium battery, so you don’t have to worry about charging it, even if you use it for a whole day. It is quite pocket-friendly among other GPS devices. It is quicker in getting satellite reception. So sending messages and sending notes to essential contacts will be feasible. It will be helpful to connect with other people.
  • Garmin Etrex 20x – It is most feasible and affordable device among all the Garmin GPS Devices. The battery is  2xAA and its memory is 3.7GB. You can indulge in expensive devices for better features. This device is known for water resistance. It is known for the rugged feature since it can withstand dust, dirt, humidity, and water.

Why only Garmin?

Here Garmin devices have only recommended since Garmin devices are famous in the field of tracking, health, hill. What is the role of  Garmin GPS Devices in the area of Hill? Although, You have a terrible navigating skill or no knowledge of the landscape. All in one solution is Garmin  GPS Device. Because of Garmin GPS Device are excellent in navigating, with a loaded map, you can get the idea of the landscape in a pictorial form on the screen of your device. Garmin provides you excellent satellite reception. If you face any problem regarding Garmin GPS Devices or want any support on Garmin Navigation Update and Garmin Software Update you can simply take the help of the best GPS Services.

Is there any other option other than Garmin?

In the field of health, you have other companies like the Misfit, Fitbit, TomTom. These companies are providing more or less the same features. But Garmin holds the top position. Similarly, in the field of tracking, there are other  GPS Devices such as MiTAC, Magellan.

Finally, if you look the recently launched GPS Devices list, You will see all Garmin products. Even this article also provides you with the list of all Garmin. So that you do not get confused with the number of option and buy the best option suitable for you.