Recover Data From Damaged Mac Or External Drive

It is the basic phenomenon of using digital platform for storing our valuable data. We all store tons of data in our devices, but have you ever thought that electronic devices are not immune to glitches. However, it’s basic human nature to understand the necessity once everything goes south. If you can match with the situation, then no need to worry about that. It is possible to recover data from Mac or External drive, you can go through the post to repair it else you can opt for one of the best Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Worldwide.

To clarify, if you accidentally deleted some of your priceless precious content, you can also recover the same. Here I would be discussing some tools you can use to retrieve the missing or deleted data from your hard drive. Also the process you need to undergo to recover those content.

Repair Mac Damaged Hard Drive

In most of the cases, damaged hard drives are beyond repair. However, in rare cases, you may get lucky and you can fix the issue on your own. Therefore, you can get a hold of your old lost data.

If you can manage to identify the situation before the computer crashes then it means its not fatal. To get it running again, the first thing you need to do is run the Disk Utility.

  • First, open the disk utility, you can find the same in utility folder inside the app folder as well. Or you can use the spotlight search to locate the software.
  • Now click on the corrupted disk you want to retrieve. Right-click on the same and then click on first aid.
  • A pop-up message saying first aid will check the volume for errors. Then after finding the concerned error, it will repair the volume if necessary.
  • You may also get a system warning message. First aid needs to lock down the boot volume. When you run it the other application won’t run the usual way. It will not take any long time to complete the process. If disk utility detects any fault it will also repair the same. Now you should not face any more similar problems.

Recover Data For Mac

Please note, if you are running an older version of Mac then you may see differently named options. Mac updates the utility software for the new version of the operating system. Now, if that did work, and you are successfully able to fix the damaged file you can recover the file as well.

Recover The Data Using Mac Recovery Software

If the volume in question is not showing up the data recovery software may do the trick for you. It is likely to recover the data if the source is still in the drive.

If you are using HDDs then it may take longer to retrieve the data. If you delete any file HDDs will simply ignore the input and store the data to a blocked cell. While in case of SSDs once the data deleted then it gets erased completely. So chances of getting back your data are very less.

If you didn’t keep any backup only then you will be needing a recovery software. There are many software available for Mac OS. Its usage is pretty simple, download the software from the app store and install it and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the task. It does not take much time to recover the data or take the support of top data recovery services.

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