Trailforks Basemap For Garmin Makes It Easier For Mountaineers To Travel

Garmin Edge is specifically designed for mountain bikers to find their path while traveling. Its interface is similar to what you might have seen in your car. In fact, it looks like any other maps available. The design resembles that of the vehicle. But the trailforks basemap in Garmin has made it even easier for the mountain bikers to locate paths with easy navigations. If Gramin Edge wasn’t your favorite, the Trailforks app will definitely bring a change in your thought.

What Is All The Hype About Trailforks Garmin App?

Trailforks was designed to help mountain bikers navigate easy paths and complete their journey in a short span of time. Now, with the integration of Trailforks and Garmin Edge, the mountain bikers will not have to check their phone every time for updates on the app. They can do so via their Garmin devices.

In fact, you can also load any sort, of course, road, route or trail from the app to your Garmin device in just a click. It will only take a few minutes.

You can also launch your preferable rides on the Garmin device. Now, how is that done? The device makes use of its advanced techniques and designs for you on the basis of your riding preferences and abilities.

trailforks basemaps

Is There Something Trailforks Unable To Provide?

Trailforks Garmin is a mountain bike trail database with around 80,000 trails. Users can provide their data. Then it is up to the local trail associations to approve. But after the publicity of the Trailforks Mobile App, the market for Edge series unit has declined. But still, there are certain aspects that let Garmin Edge have the upper hand.

  • Mounting Support –It has a simple design with easy to understand interface.
  • Mapping – If you are riding around, unlike town, or on paved paths, it will help you a lot.
  • Endurance – Garmin has been developed for customers who intensively do a lot of adventures, find new places, etc.
  • Battery Life – It has a good battery life as compared to other Garmin models. After 4 hrs of continuous and complete charge, it can run up to 7 to 8 hours continuously. If you find any problem regarding your battery, then you can take the help of Garmin Map Updates or Garmin Software Update.

At Trailforks, they decided to take a break at producing their own Garmin Basemap theme. In fact, their new products have low resolution with a lower color palette as compared to a recent smartphone. This is mostly to help big maps fit on a small device while maintaining the battery life.

As a matter of fact, Trailforks custom Base maps led to paved paths replaced by flowery designations and were decreased to a grayscale range. Dirt Passage paths color a taste of muddy color, but the actual colors were precisely where they should be, on the traces. And now, there’s no need to zoom down to have a clearer picture of the path or to reduce any distraction.

Different Meaning Of Color In Trailforks Garmin

Garmin has provided specific color code for specific purposes. The limited color variations on the Garmin provides different shades. but actually, it did not work. Here are some color variations which means the following:

  • Green  – The color green is mostly pleasant to visualize the effective shades of green for land-cover, parks, and forested areas, etc.
  • Blue  – The color blue appears on the screen when there is any water body available near to you. Light blue color indicates the water body is shallow and deep blue indicates that the water body is deep.
  • Black – We use this idea mostly in our base-map, and it still exists within the grey-scale color. So when you compare paths with any color, it does not capture your attention the same way.
  • Black-Black– This color is entirely a mystery. Not because it is black with a less than ideal trail color, but this color has already been taken.

Wrapping Up

The color coding of trailforks app in Garmin Edge becomes quite confusing or rather severe as your trail gets more difficult. In that case, it is better to have a simple coding with green as they provide a simple understanding. You can also know the positions of curved lanes, bike shops, stravas and paved paths. Load the app on your Garmin Edge and enjoy biking in the mountains!