Before Buying Used Laptop

9 Facts to Verify Before Buying Used Laptop

Well, a new laptop can be too expensive for your pocket, so relying on second-hand or used laptops can be a wise decision. If you want one, there are various laptop repair centres that can help you with the information on how to get a used laptop. 

But, what if the laptop stops working after buying? What will happen when a part of the device stops working? These types of situations can arise. That is why you have to observe and perform a few tests before making the purchase. 

Test before Buying 

Whenever you get information about a used laptop, never ever go for the obvious purchase. Always gather necessary information about the device. Do you know the testing procedures? If your answer is ‘No’, then here they are. Check them out carefully, one by one. 

  1. Mandatory documentation

Obviously, if someone wants to sell his/her device, the person must have proper cash memo and other documentation as well. Ask the person to show all the necessary documentation to you. Check the date of purchase, name, serial number, owner and seller’s signature with a stamp. These documents will help you whenever you will go to the device brand’s official laptop repair centre.

  1. Look for all the accessories  

A laptop accessory contains mainly the charger. In the case of gaming laptops, a few brands provide HDMI cables. So, you have to ask the person to show all the available accessories that came with the device while buying. Now, have a close look at them and check for any type of wear and tear. If you find one of the cables to be damaged, either ask him/her to buy a new one or decrease the price. At last, if necessary, you can cancel the deal without any effort. 

  1. The Operating System is genuine or not 

If the hardware is the body of a computer, then the CPU is the brain. The matter of fact is that the CPU is powered by the system software. So, what you have to do is check whether the system software is original or not. If it is, then ask the seller to show the genuine product ID. In addition to that, Microsoft, along with other laptop repair experts, always suggests the PC and laptop work the best with the latest system software. That is why you must opt for a device that runs on the latest system software. 

  1. Run your own inspection  

Carefully observe the laptop body, charging slot, USB cable slots, disc drives, and others. Now test each of them one by one and see whether any hardware doesn’t perform or not. If you see any issues over there, immediately ask the owner about the matter. In addition to that, you must also look for any type of scratches on the display and the other parts of the body. 

  1. Display status 

With a faulty display, a laptop will be just like a car without an engine. That is why you need to check the status of the display very carefully and accurately. Tell the seller to turn on the laptop. In the meantime, while the device is turning on, you can calculate the boot and application time. 

This will give you a brief idea about the health of the system. Now, keep the device on for nearly half an hour. Observe carefully, whether the display is flickering or not. Furthermore, also check for discolouration, low brightness and abnormal pixels.

  1. Webcam and speaker condition 

Most of the webcams of the laptops are average in quality. So, it is better to have an average quality webcam rather than not having any webcam at all. Check whether it is properly functioning or not. In terms of the speaker, play audio or a video to check the speaker’s sound clarity. 

  1. Check the health of HDD

The boot time and application time will decide how healthy the HDD is. Luckily, if you get a laptop that has an SSD, then you don’t have to think about any type of laptop repair process. Now, you have to check the performance. Try to copy a file of large size and check the speed. If it is above 40 to 45 MBps, then the health of the HDD or SSD is absolutely workable. 

  1. The security software 

If you see that security software is installed in the system, then be sure that the laptop is free from any type of virus. Ask the seller to show the purchased box and the cash memo. This will give you proof that the security software is original and licensed. Never accept any system that has the cracked or patched security software installed in it. 

  1. Know about the RAM

As time has passed, the laptop brands have upgraded their products as well. In the previous days, most of the devices had not more than 2 GigaBytes of RAM. Now, maximum laptops have 4 to 6 Gigabytes of RAM to deliver a smooth performance. So, you have to choose a device that has more than 2 Gigabytes of RAM. If you see that the chosen device doesn’t meet your volatile memory requirements, revert back from the situation. 

Important Notes

Whether it is a used or a brand new laptop, always choose a good brand. There are various brands available in the market. Take your time and research on the internet. After you make your decision, search for that particular brand and laptop model on the internet. Never attempt to buy any laptop directly from the seller. Always try to keep a technician or a computer engineer in between you and the seller. 

You might not know all the details that are related to the computer. It can turn out to be faulty afterwards. And last but not the least, never ever pay any type of advances to the seller. Most of the time, these types of incidents lead to the loss of money.