Apple To Advance iPhone With Both Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text Converters [Patent]

According to Patently Apple, that Apple successfully submitted a patent application which allows users to translate Text-to-Speech and vice versa.

This patent will help in two different types of situations :

The first is when a smart phone user is in a loud location, such as a bar or restaurant where making voice calls is nearly impossible because of the surrounding noise. The second is when a user is in a quiet location, such as in a meeting or at church, when making a voice call would be inappropriate.

It’s highly expected to see such features on the upcoming iOS 5 which will be announced by Apple’s world event WWDC 2011, as Apple is working hard now to implement new feature on iOS 5 which will allow you to convert voicemails into text. What do you think ?

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                                                                                                            Via | Appadvice

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