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Are You Sure that Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Spread Coronavirus?

As the world is slowly recovering from the effect of coronavirus, people are trying to embrace the new normal. The restaurants are opening gradually, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other shops, retail stores, and business offices are slowly getting their previous shapes. So, it is obvious that all the AC units must be in proper working condition, after enduring a long break. 

In the case of large buildings, the HVAC might need repair as they might fail to perform at its peak after a long break. On the other hand, as the deadly coronavirus can spread with the help of the water droplets, there is an important question coming- whether the AC unit will be safe or not. 

The Role of HVAC Systems

The HVAC cooling systems are generally present in the large buildings. It helps to maintain the indoor and outdoor air stability. However, this exchange of air can bring in dust particles and water droplets. There are also several types of HVAC systems that re-circulate the air. But, at the same time Air filters present in the HVAC systems, prevent the dust and dirt.

Expert’s Studies and Analysis

There are few reports and studies that came into the picture regarding the spread of COVID-19. Recently, something serious happened in a restaurant. A few people dining at the same restaurant, at the same time, were reported to be affected by the coronavirus later. Even though, they were keeping safe distance amongst each other. 

According to the experts, the virus didn’t pass through the large air droplets. When the AC repair was done, the original matter came into existence. The AC had a pretty strong airflow. There was someone present in the restaurant who was infected by the virus. From him/her, a single small droplet of water entered the immune system of other people. 

A test also came out to be positive, that took place in a hospital. This particular hospital has three different types of HVAC units of cooling machines. When a number of patients fell ill, let’s say, for example, 6 persons, but only one was tested COVID-19 positive. So, there is no actual proof that you can consider the AC responsible for spreading the deadly virus. 

What is the Biggest Risk?

Several health experts and doctors say that when you live in a hot and humid climate, gradually you will feel calm and relaxed when you come under the AC. Now, the ventilation is also at risk due to less regulation of air. That is why there is a high chance that the coronavirus can spread. 

Several experts have said that the AC repair service process will not be effective until and unless you maintain the social distancing even inside your home. The actual matter of fact is that you are initially inhaling the same air that is exhaled by the people present in the same room. 

Keeping the doors and the windows shut will resist the hot air coming from outside. As a result, the exhaled air cannot go outside. If someone inside the room is infected with the virus, then every present in the room will eventually get affected. All of them actually inhale the infected air droplets released by the affected person. 

Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

The full check-up of large AC systems is now performed by the government of all the countries. In addition to that, they have deployed a special team of engineers for AC repair and maintenance of the old systems. If something is wrong there, immediately repair or replace the damaged mechanical pieces of equipment. 

Several companies are offering a free air test from the AC. In the case of large buildings, the deployed experts will test the indoor air and compare the quality of the outdoor air as well. In addition to that, they will examine the central AC with keen attention and check whether all the pieces of equipment are properly functioning or not. 

Have you heard of Negative Opticlean? This machine is slightly different from the normal cooling machine. Generally, it creates an ultra pressure which allows the air to compress itself. That is why the spreading of air droplets from one place to another cannot take place. It is not so much expensive and the installation cost is less. 

Are you sure that you are Breathing a Safe Indoor Air?

Can you see the indoor water droplets? No, human eyes cannot. In your home, you can apply various types of safety measures for the purification of the indoor air. But, this becomes harder in case of large commercial stores. Keeping the main entrance open along with the AC running will cost a huge amount of money. So, what to do now?

Fixing a certain type of electrically powered ultra-violet boxes will kill the germs present inside the room. On the other hand, you can also invest in an air cleaning machine. You have to fix this machine inside the room that will purify the air. 


Even if the situation is improving and things are getting under control, it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe. Never forget to wear a mask, to cover up your nose ad mouth, when you go outside for shopping or elsewhere. And, if you do not want to spend the summer in this unbreakable heat, due to the fear of coronavirus, then immediately book an AC repair service.