Downgrade iOS 4.3.5 To 4.3.3, No SHSH Blobs Needed

Everybody who has accidentally upgraded to iOS 4.3.5 wants to get back to iOS 4.3.3 to have a fully untethered jailbreak, But some didn’t save their iOS 4.3.3 SHSH Blobs and some did but they faced some errors while trying to downgrade their devices. Well here’s a way to downgrade to iOS 4.3.3 without SHSH Blobs.

Here is a way which has been discovered by one of our readers:

First, you will need:

Step 1: Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc , and replace “HOST” file with the one in “Restore Files” folder
Step 2: Open redsn0w and jailbreak your device, Here is a video tutorial, but point to iOS 4.3.3 instead of 4.3.4.
Step 3: Then the iPhone will stop on the recovery mode.
Step 4: Open Tinyumbrella (can be found in “Restore Files” folder above), then click on your iPhone name at the left then press on Start Tss Server.
Step 5: Open iTunes and restore your iPhone with iOS 4.3.3 firmware (Shift + Restore) then close it.
Step 6: You will find error 1013, at this time you have to use Fixrecovery (can be found in “Restore Files” folder above).
Step 7: Open iFaith (can be found in “Restore Files” folder above) and Save shsh file.
Step 8: Open sn0wbreeze (can be found in “Restore Files” folder above) to create custom iOS 4.3.3 firmware and restore with it. Done.

Note: We didn’t verify this method yet. If you are going to give it a shot, Feed Us Back.

[Thanks Mokhles Hussien]

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