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MacBook Pro’s Serious Problem gets Fixed (2020)

Recently, people who have a MacBook reported facing serious problems. Not only in MacBook Pro but also several other users of MacBook Air have complained about the same issue. The issue was primarily regarding the USB compatibility- all the other devices that have USB 2.0 are not working when connected with the recent MacBooks. 

Experts believe that the MacBook repair process will be not enough to resolve the issue. This problem might have the possibility of appearance either from a deep internal hardware or software glitch. Apple is now gathering all the complaints from the users via various websites and also from its official website. 

MacBook USB Issue: In Details 

Apple has introduced all the recent MacBooks with USB-C (3.0) type ports. That is why people will be able to get faster data transmission compared to the previous MacBooks. All the devices that have USB 2.0 have to use a hub for successful connection. When people are trying to connect their computer accessories like mice, external keyboard, and others the accessories fail to work properly. 

As the device doesn’t have more ports, people have to use a USB hub. Now, the hub might be of some other brands and that is where the actual problem kicks in. In addition to that, Apple manufactures its MacBook drive in a very simple way. As a result, the matter gradually leads to bigger problems. 

Apple’s Upgrade Reputation 

Have you ever thought of why Apple is so much different from other brands? Apple always pushes out its old hardware technology from the new devices and replaces them with the latest and upgraded technology. That is why all the MacBooks can keep up the pace of competition with the other laptops. Apple always takes the competition differently. 

Other Possible Problems 

With the emergence of the USB issue, it might lead to other subsequent problems. According to recent statistics and analysis, experts say that people are also facing various types of additional problems like the keys fail to work. The speed of the data transmission becomes much slower as time goes by. 

Moreover, it also leads to network connectivity issues like dropping of the WiFi signals, data not transmitted through the Bluetooth. MacBook repair is required to eliminate all of these problems back to the device in perfect working condition. Apple has also gathered all these data from various users and is further investigating the matter. Soon, the affected users might get the solutions. 

The Final Solution by Apple 

Apple came up with a bunch of solutions regarding the USB issue. One of the most brilliant things that Apple has done for the sake of MacBook users is that they have incorporated additional security patches along with the hardware patches. So, let’s see the solution provided. 

  1. Problem Diagnostics

Apple that they have already included several tools related to the deep internal hardware. A few components are like the logical and internal motherboard, volatile and non-volatile memory and others have their own built-in diagnostics ability. But, according to the respective version of Macintosh OS, the name of the diagnostic function has also changed. 

People need to choose the ‘Apple menu’. Before that, they must know the name and the version of their Macintosh system. If the OS version is released in the year 2013, then the feature will be present there with a simple name ‘Apple Diagnostic’. If the OS version is earlier than that, then the feature will be named as ‘Apple Hardware Test’. 

The process is quite easy. Choosing the ‘Apple menu’ and then the desired language. Just restarting the device and simultaneously pressing and holding the D key from the keyboard will get the job done easily. After observing the diagnostic report, people will be able to know the problems in detail. 

  1. Testing USB

Before going into the MacBook repair procedures, it will be good for the users that they must test the hardware. Testing the hardware will let them get a brief idea about the problem that has occurred. On the other hand, all the affected users can also try out plugging in several USB storage drives. These testing procedures are sort of trial and error methods and there is no harm in performing them. 

  1. Check and Perform Necessary Procedures 

First, check for the missing software. There are no such user reports that came into the picture about the bugs in the last update of Macintosh. But for security purposes, the software giant is suggesting the users have a look for any type of missing software. 

If anyone is using any type of third party USB hub of different brands, then the overall checking of that hub is mandatory. People can also test it by connecting the 2.0 USB to 2.0 USB and 3.0 USB to 3.0 USB respectively. After that, the next step will be the verification of the device operational management in the MacBook. 

People can do it by accessing the ‘Apple Menu’, then moving on to the ‘System Information’. Apple has already released the internal software and hardware fixes in its latest OS updates. So, the download and installation of those update files will complete the MacBook repair process. The software giant also claimed that the users will not face any problem after installing the new updates. 


All the MacBook users must update their system to the new version in order to get rid of any kind of errors. People must perform the update or upgrade process after a few days from the time of the update release. This will help you to look for the reviews of the new updates and make sure there are no bugs or crash reports.