Samsung Is Going To Be More Aggressive With Apple

According to BusinessWeek report, Samsung has stated that it will be “more aggressive” in its patent war against Apple.

Samsung and Apple has a work relationship as Samsung is producing several components for Apple iDevices. But the war between the two companies began when Apple started suing Samsung claiming that Samsung is copying the design of the iPhone and iPad.

For a while now Samsung has been quiet about this war but recently a Korea Times report has stated that Samsung is planning to ban the sale of the iPhone 5 in Korea because it’s Violates some of Samsung patents.

Here is some of what Lee Younghee said at an interview in her office at Samsung’s headquarters building in southern Seoul.

“We’ve been quite respectful and also passive in a way” as they were considering of the Apple-Samsung links, “However, we shouldn’t be … anymore.”

Lee said that Samsung holds numerous patents covering wireless telecommunications technology. Samsung says such patents cover key functions including allowing a mobile phone user to speak on the phone and receive an e-mail at the same time.

Lee also said  “We believe Apple is free riding” on Samsung patents and the will be “pursuing our rights for this in a more aggressive way from now on.”

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